Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Holy @#%!: F-Word Slips Out On WABC

KABC’s technicians caught the s-bomb, but weren’t quick enough to catch to f-bomb

Legendary DJ Dan Ingram, 71, inadvertently uttered an obscenity on the air during a live interview on ABC’s news/talk WABC New York, according to reports in both the New York Daily News and the New York Post. The slip of the tongue came during the station’s annual Memorial Day “Rewound” feature program, which included an interview between Ingram, WABC host Mark Simone and Allan Sniffen of the New York Radio Message Board.

According to the Post’s account, WABC’s digital-delay system worked properly, but there was a very short time lapse between two separate instances where Simone tried to bleep Ingram’s conversation: "He was talking about unsuccessfully suing some Florida DJ who stole his name," and how a "fucking court" wouldn't let him appeal, Sniffen told the newspaper.

"Mark Simone tried to bleep him," the Post’s report continued, noting that Ingram had been bleeped “seconds earlier for an S-bomb and WABC's digital-delay system didn't have time to re-buffer.”

The Daily News quoted WABC PD Phil Boyce as calling the incident "unfortunate.... We're still figuring out what to do about it, if there's anything we can."

Boyce also told the Daily News, "We've been running a talk station for a long time without any problems," and that there was no malfunction of the equipment. "I think it's just that no one was expecting it with Dan."

Uttering an obscenity over the air can be subject to FCC fines, but the Commission can only act on such an incident if it first receives a fully documented listener complaint.

Billboard Radio Monitor, May 31, 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Shot Not Heard Around the World

This wasn't the case of a talk host going bad, but someone screwed up big time when Barry Bonds broke Babe Ruth's homer record (714,the most for a left handed player). Also, I am a Giant fan so I guess there are some sentimental reasons

The broadcast went dead at the worst of all moments, and thousands of Bay Area fans listening on radio missed Barry Bonds' 715th homer.
They could not hear the radio account Sunday because the microphone of play-by-play announcer Dave Flemming stopped working at precisely the wrong time.
Flemming had begun the call at the beginning of Bonds' fourth-inning at-bat before his hand-held mike quit during the broadcast on the Giants' flagship station, KNBR.
"Three-and-two. Finley runs. The payoff pitch, a swing and a drive to deep cen ..." — that's all Northern California listeners got when Bonds passed Babe Ruth to move into second place on the career homers list.
"We apologize to the listeners on the radio," Giants executive vice president Larry Baer said. "We're as surprised as any of the fans listening. We have no idea what happened. Normally you have two calls of record — television and radio. Duane Kuiper made a great call on FOX Sports Net and that will be the call of record, the call that goes to the Hall of Fame."
The listeners were left with only the loud reaction of the crowd. Flemming's partner, Greg Papa, immediately grabbed another headset and finished the call a short time later — apologizing for the technical problem.
Flemming had no idea initially he'd gone off the air.
"I'm disappointed," Flemming said. "What can I do about it now? I made the call. It just didn't go over the air."
Flemming still found humor in it all.
"If you only heard the rest of the call. It was an unbelievable call," Flemming said. "Too bad we don't have the proof."
The station, which certainly had been planning for this moment for months, was left to replay the television call — and that's what KNBR will have to rely on for years to recap the moment.
"The mike just cut out," program director Lee Hammer said, noting he couldn't pinpoint what went wrong.

AP, May 29, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

WWPR New York Fires Morning 'Star' For On-Air Threats

Poor Premiere. They lose their top African-American host. So what do they do. They go out and sign Whoopi Goldberg

Clear Channel R&B/hip-hop WWPR (Power 105.1) New York has fired Troi Torain, the “Star” in the Star and Buc Wild Show, for making a series of threatening on-air comments directed at the daughter and wife of a competing personality. The termination came after City Council members publicly condemned the morning man during a Wednesday (May 10) afternoon news conference at City Hall.

The dominant player in one of New York’s top-rated 18-34 morning shows launched his tirade on May 3. The targets: Gia Casey, wife of rival WQHT (Hot 97) weekend personality DJ Envy, and the couple’s 4-year-old daughter.

“Yes I disrespected your seed,” Star reportedly said. “If you didn’t hear me, I said, I would like to do an R. Kelly on your seed, on your baby girl. I would like to tinkle on her.”

The contempt got more serious: “Where does this kid go to school? I got 500 bucks for that information.” And, “I will come for your kids. I finally got the information on [DJ Envy’s] slant-eyed whore wife.”

Star, who calls himself “the hater,” also said that he carries a gun.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Clear Channel New York market manager Rob Williams said: “Power 105 finds the comments alleged to have been broadcast by Troi Torain to be wholly unacceptable. We have removed him from the air pending a full investigation.”