Saturday, August 19, 2006

Curses! KOA fails to block two expletives on show

I'll bet the caller referred to a "fucking cunt"

Oops! A caller this week blurted out a double expletive on "The Mike Rosen Show" on KOA 850-AM. Radio stations, particularly talk stations, are wary of such lapses and use a delay to block off-color language. KOA missed on this one.
A replay of Rosen's Tuesday show is on KOA's website but the offending words involving a sex act and a human body part have disappeared.
Rosen's on-air apology is there, however. "It is our responsibility to have that delay system working," he explained, quickly. "It wasn't functioning the way it should be. We'll try to keep that from happening in the future."
Rosen said on Wednesday he thinks that will be enough to keep the FCC or owner Clear Channel off KOA's back. "If I had said it, we'd be in deep trouble. Normally, our (7-second) delay would protect us."
Weekend highlights

Denver Post, August 18, 2006

Former Houston Talker Accused Of Sex Crime

Why are all these sex perverts right wingers?

Former Talk KSEV-A/HOUSTON host JON MATTHEWS turned himself in at FORT BEND COUNTY (TX) Jail FRIDAY for an alleged probation violation. according to the HOUSTON CHRONICLE.

MATTHEWS, 71, was placed on probation for exposing himself to an 11 year old girl in his home in OCTOBER 2003; he was to avoid alcohol and the viewing of sexually explicit material, but the CHRONICLE reports that MATTHEWS tested positive for alcohol and was "discussing sexual fantasies over the Internet."

MATTHEWS was released on $20,000. bond this afternoon. He faces seven years in prison based on the deferred adjudication sentence he received when probation was granted.

Billboard Radio Monitor

Richmond Talk Host Wins "Annoying" Award

I accept this award as badge of honor

CLEAR CHANNEL Talk WRVA-A/RICHMOND afternoon host MAC WATSON is proud to announce that he has been awarded the honor of "RICHMOND's Most Annoying Radio Host for 2006" by RICHMOND MAGAZINE. "I accept this award as a badge of honor and validation!," WATSON tells ALL ACCESS. "There's no such thing as a bad award."

WATSON will be "annoying" people nationwide on AUGUST 1 when he fills in for GLENN BECK on the latter's PREMIERE syndicated show.

Billboard Radio Monitor, August 2, 2006